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  1. Gerardus 't Hooft, Professor Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, Nobel Prize Physics 1999
  2. Isabella A. Abbott, marine botanist/ ethnobotanist, Dept. of Botany, University of Hawaii, Honolulu
  3. Stephen L. Adler, Professor, School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study, Member, NAS
  4. Dr. Susan Amara, Detre Professor & Chair of Neurobiology, Univ of Pittsburgh, member NAS
  5. Richard Amasino, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin, and Member, National Academy of Sciences
  6. Philip W. Anderson, Professor of Physics (Emeritus), Princeton, Nobel Laureate (1977), member NAS
  7. Michael Atiyah, Hon. Prof. of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, Fields Medalist, Abel Prize winner, member NAS
  8. Dr. Paul Barton, geologist emeritus, U.S. Geological Survey, member NAS
  9. Prof. Etienne-Emile Baulieu, College de France, Former President, French Academy of Sciences, member NAS
  10. Prof. Jeff Bennetzen, Department of Genetics, University of Georgia, member NAS
  11. Prof. Robert G. Bergman, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, member NAS
  12. Howard Bern, Professor Emeritus, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley, member NAS
  13. Ernest Beutler, Professor & Chairman, Dept. Molecular & Exp Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute. Member, NAS
  14. Prof. Pamela Bjorkman, Professor of Biology, Caltech, member National Academy of Sciences
  15. Donald Burkholder, C.A.S. Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, member NAS
  16. John Cairns,Jr., Univ.Distinguished Prof.Emer, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univ, Member NAS, Amer.Phil Soc
  17. Connie Cepko, Professor of Genetics, Investigator of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, member NAS
  18. Francis V. Chisari, Professor, The Scripps Research Institute, Member National Academy of Sciences
  19. Robert Clayton, Professor Emeritus, Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago, Member NAS
  20. John Coffin, American Cancer Society Research Professor, Tufts University, Member, NAS
  21. Eugene Commins, Professor Emeritus of Physics, UC, Berkeley. Member, National Academy of Sciences
  22. Eric Conn, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, UC Davis, member of National Academy of Sciences
  23. Ernest Courant, Distinguished Scientist(Emer), Brookhaven National Laboratory, Member, National Academy of Sciences
  24. Ellis B. Cowling, University Distinguished Professor At-Large; North Carolina State University, Member, NAS
  25. Rodney Croteau, Fellow and Regents' Professor, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State, member NAS
  26. James F. Crow, Professor Emeritus of Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Member National Academy of Sciences
  27. Prof. Robert Curl, Chemist, Nobel Laureate, Research Professor, University Professor Emeritus, Rice University
  28. Marc Davis, Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley, member National Academy of Sciences
  29. Richard Dawkins, Charles Simonyi Chair in the Public Understanding of Science, University of Oxford
  30. Prof. Stanley Deser, Physics, Brandeis & Caltech, member National Academy of Science
  31. Prof. Frans de Waal, primatologist, Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, member NAS
  32. Theodor Diener, Distinguished. Prof. Emeritus, Univ. Maryland, member NAS
  33. Dr. Rodolfo Dirzo, Department Biological Sciences, Stanford, Member of NAS, and of Amer Acad Arts & Sciences
  34. Roy Doi, Distinguished Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Univ. of California, Davis; Member of NAS
  35. C. Fred Driscoll, Professor, UCSD Physics, Fellow of American Physical Society
  36. James Dye, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, Michigan Strate University, Member NAS
  37. Paul Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies, Stanford University, member NAS
  38. Prof. Herman Eisen, member, National Academy of Sciences; Former President Amer. Assoc. Immunologists
  39. Robert Eisenman, Member, National Academy of Sciences
  40. James Eisenstein, Professor of Physics, Caltech. Member of the National Academy of Sciences
  41. Stephen Elledge, The Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics, Harvard University, Member the National Academy of Sciences
  42. S. Walter Englander, Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics; University of Pennsylvania, member NAS
  43. Wallace G. Ernst, Benjamin Page Professor, Stanford U., Member, National Academy of Sciences
  44. George Feher, Research Professor, University of California, San Diego, member NAS
  45. Barbara Forrest, Professor of Philosophy, Southeastern Louisiana University
  46. Donald A. Glaser, PhD., Nobel Laureate in Physics (1960), Prof. of Physics & of Neurobiology, UC Berkeley
  47. Laurie Glimcher, Professor of Immunology, Dept of Cancer Biology, Harvard, member of NAS
  48. Stephen Goff, Higgins Professor of Biochemistry, Columbia University, member NAS
  49. Major Goodman, Professor of Crop Science, North Carolina State, member of NAS
  50. Jack Goody, Emer Prof Social Anthropology, Univ of Cambridge, Fellow British Acad, member NAS
  51. Iva Greenwald, member, National Academy of Sciences
  52. Charles Gross, Professor, Department of Psychology, Princton University, member NAS
  53. Roger Guillemin, MD,PhD, Nobel laureate in Medicine & Physiology 1977, Member National Academy of Sciences
  54. Michael G. Hadfield, Professor of Zoology, University of Hawaii
  55. Eugene Hammel, Prof. emeritus, Demography and Anthropology, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley. Member NAS
  56. Bruce D. Hammock, Distinguished Professor of Entomology & Cancer Research Center Director, UC Davis
  57. Philip Hanawalt, Professor of Biology, Stanford University, member National Academy of Sciences
  58. Donna Haraway, Professor, History of Consciousness Dept., University of California at Santa Cruz
  59. Dr. Vance Haynes, Regents Professor Anthropology, Geosciences, University of Arizona, member NAS
  60. Carl Heiles, Astronomy Department, UC Berkeley
  61. Richard Held, Professor emeritus, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT
  62. Eric Heller, Professor of Physics and Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University, member NAS
  63. Prof. Dudley Herschbach, Dept of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Harvard, Nobel laureate (1986)
  64. John G. Hildebrand, Regents Professor of Neurobiology, University of Arizona
  65. Pierre Hohenberg, Senior Vice Provost for Research, New York University, member NAS
  66. Rudolf Jaenisch, Professor of Biology, Whitehead Institute and Mass. Institute of Technology, member of NAS
  67. Howard Kaback, Professor Neuroscience, UCLA, member NAS
  68. Prof. Arthur Kantrowitz, Darttmouth College, Member National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering
  69. Michael Karin, Professor of Pharmacology, Distinguished Professor, Amer Cancer Society Research Professor, UCSD
  70. Prof. Joseph Keller, Math Dept., Stanford University, member NAS
  71. Gerald T. Keusch M.D., Assoc. Dean for Global Health, Boston University Medical Center
  72. Prof. James L. Kinsey, Department of Chemistry, Rice University, Member, National Academy of Sciences (1991)
  73. M. Koehl, Professor, Dept. of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley, member National Academy of Sciences
  74. Nancy Kopell, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University
  75. Leonard Krishtalka, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Director, Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas
  76. Prof. Herbert Kroemer, Nobel Laureate Physics 2000
  77. Harold Kroto, Professor of Chemistry, Florida State University, Nobel Laureate (1996)
  78. Paul C. Lauterbur, Professor of Chemistry & of Medical Information Sciences, Univ. of Illinois, Nobel Laureate (2003)
  79. Martin A. Lee, Dept. of Physics, Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space, UNH
  80. Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, Strasbourg, France, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1987
  81. Barr Lentz, Professor & Director of Biophysics, UNC, President-Elect of the Biophysical Society
  82. Dr. Johanna Levelt Sengers, Research scientist at NIST, Emeritus since 1995; member NAS, NAE
  83. Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Prof., UC-Irvine, Member, National Academy of Sciences & Royal Society of Edinburgh
  84. Prof. George Lorimer, Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Maryland, member National Academy of Sciences
  85. James Lovelock, originator of the Gaia hypothesis, author of The Wrath of Gaia
  86. Prof. R. Duncan Luce, University of California, Irvine, member NAS
  87. J. Ross Macdonald, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of NC, Chapel Hill, member NAS, NAE
  88. Geoff Marcy, Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley
  89. Michael Marletta, Prof. of Chemistry, UC Berkeley, member NAS and IOM
  90. Bruce McEwen, Professor at the Rockefeller University, member NAS
  91. Margaret McFall-Ngai, Professor, Dept of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, University of Wisconsin Madison
  92. Christopher F. McKee, Physics & Astronomy Depts, UC Berkeley, member National Academy of Sciences
  93. Prof. N. David Mermin, Professor emeritus of physics, Cornell University, member National Academy of Sciences
  94. Charles Michener, Professor Emeritus, Lawrence, Kansas; member, National Academy of Sciences
  95. Michael Moseley, Professor of Anthropology, University of Florida, member National Academy of Sciences
  96. June Nasrallah, Barbara McClintock Professor of Plant Biology, Cornell Univ., Member National Academy of Sciences
  97. Eugene Nester, Prof., Dept.of Microbiology,University of Washington ( member of NAS)
  98. Eviatar Nevo, Director Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa, Israel, Foreign Associate NAS
  99. William D. Nix, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University (NAS, NAE, AAAS)
  100. Fernando Nottebohm, Neurobiologist, Laboratory of Animal Behavior, Rockefeller University (member of NAS)
  101. Tomoko Ohta, Professor Emeritus, Evolutionary Biology, National Institute of Genetics, NAS Foreign Member
  102. Lelio Orci, Dept of Cell Physiology and Metabolism, Univ. of Geneva, foreign assoc. NAS
  103. Douglas Osheroff, Professor of Physics, Stanford University, Nobel Laureate 1996
  104. Kevin Padian, Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
  105. Stephen R. Palumbi, Professor of Biological Sciences, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University
  106. Prof. Giorgio Parisi, Physics Department, Rome I university, Italy NAS foreign associate
  107. Barbara H. Partee, Professor Emerita, UMass Amherst; member NAS
  108. John Pearse, Professor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz
  109. David D. Perkins, Professor of Biology (Emeritus), Stanford University, member National Academy of Sciences
  110. David Politzer, Caltech, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2004
  111. Theodore A. Postol, Prof. of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy, MIT
  112. Thomas M. (Zack) Powell, Dept of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley
  113. Donald Prothero, Prof. Caltech and Occidental College
  114. Pasko Rakic, Prof. of Neuroscience, Dir. Kavli Institute, Yale University, Member National Academy of Sciences
  115. Harald Reuter, Prof. (emer) of Pharmacology; Univ. of Bern, Switzerland, Foreign Assoc. National Acad of Sciences
  116. Richard J. Roberts, 1993 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine
  117. Irwin Rose, Prof. Physiology & Biophysics UC Irvine, Nobel laureate in Chemistry (2004)
  118. Eli Ruckenstein, Member of the National Academy of Engineering, National Medal of Science Awardee, SUNY Buffalo
  119. Edwin E. Salpeter, Prof. Emeritus, Physical Sciences, Cornell University, member National Academy of Sciences, Royal Society (UK)
  120. José Sarukhán, Professor Emeritus, Institute of Ecology, UNAM, foreign member of the NAS and FMRS
  121. Dr. Jean-Pierre Sauvage, CNRS Research Director, Member of the French Academy of Sciences (Chemistry)
  122. Prof. Gottfried Schatz, Past President,, Swiss Science & Technology Council
  123. Randy Schekman, Prof of Molecular & Cell Biology, director campus stem cell center, UC Berkeley, member NAS
  124. Harold Scheraga, Todd Prof. of Chemistry Emeritus,Cornell University; Member, National Academy of Sciences
  125. Prof. Stephen Schneider, Climatologist, Stanford University, member NAS
  126. Matthew Scott, Geneticist, Cancer researcher, Developmental biologist, Stanford Unversity, member National Academy of Sciences
  127. Ronald Sederoff, Professor of Forestry, NC State University, member of National Academy of Sciences
  128. Prof. A. M. Celal Sengor, Istanbul Technical University, member National Academy of Sciences
  129. Andrew Sessler, Former President of the American Physical Society, member of the National Academy of Sciences
  130. Dr. Fred Sherman, University of Rochester Medical Center, member NAS
  131. Anthony Siegman, Prof. of Engineering (emer), Stanford, member Nat'l Academy of Engineering, Nat'l Academy of Science
  132. Kerry Sieh, Professor of Geology, Caltech, member of NAS
  133. Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University
  134. Ardea Skybreak, author of Science of Evolution
  135. George Somero, Stanford, Marine scientist who studies effects of temperature change on marine organisms, member of NAS
  136. Prof. Richard Stanley, Professor of Applied Mathematics, M.I.T., member of NAS
  137. Dr. Robert Stephens, Pres. Darwin Day Celebration at
  138. Patrick Thaddeus, Professor of Astronomy and Applied Physics, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  139. E. Donnall Thomas, Nobel laureate, 1990, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  140. Prof. Jonathan Uhr, Univ.Texas Southwestern Medical School, member National Academy of Sciences
  141. Prof. James Valentine, Professor of Integrative Biology, Emeritus, UC Berkeley, member of NAS
  142. Dr. Ellen Vitetta, Prof. and Dir.Cancer Immunobiology Ctr. UT Southwestern Med. Ctr. , member NAS and IOM
  143. Peter Ward, faculty member Department of Biology, University of Washington
  144. Prof. Robert Weinberg, MIT Department of Biology
  145. Wm J. Welch, Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley
  146. Perry Wilson, Professor (Emeritus), Stanford Linear Accelerator Cntr., Stanford Univ., Fellow, American Physical Society
  147. Dr. Charles Yanofsky, Prof. emeritus, Dept. of Biological Sciences Stanford Univ. National Medal of Science recipient, member of National Academy of Sciences
  148. Prof. Tilahun Yilma, International Lab of Mol Biology, UC Davis, member of National Academy of Sciences

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